Mary Terry

I think it all started when I bought a planner in high school.  I bought it because of the pictures.  I loved filling in the blank pages with tasks and project due dates.  Even more, I liked checking off items I completed.  Weird, I know, but I liked that I had all important dates and information right there.  I felt... organized!


Organizing has been a big part of why I've been successful at work.  From corporate settings as an analyst to elementary teacher to curriculum coach.  

As an elementary school teacher, there are many necessary items in a classroom that it is easy for piles to accumulate, important papers to get lost, and deadlines to be missed.  Everything had a place and was labeled which made it easier for my students and I to help keep things in order.  .


When my role transitioned to a curriculum coach, organization was more important than ever.  Instead of organizing one classroom, I was organizing curriculum and systems for an entire school. 

I enjoy helping others organize.  Many see it as a daunting task, but the smiles and the sense of relief my clients feel at the end of a project or session is rewarding.  To be that person who can help others turn their home into a calming oasis through my organizing abilities is awesome!

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