Mary Terry

I've had a knack for organizing for as long as I can remember.  Whether it was reorganizing glasses, plates, and silverware for easier access and better flow, organizing my craft supplies for my different projects, to ROYGBIVing the clothes in my closet.  


My organizing abilities were helpful when I was an elementary school teacher.  There are many necessary items in a classroom that it is easy for piles to accumulate, important papers to get lost, and deadlines to be missed.  Everything had a place and was labeled which made it easier for my students and I to help things in order.  I received a lot of compliments from administrators, parents and fellow teachers on how clean and organized my classroom was.  Parents also complimented how organized and prepared my documents were for conferences.  I had organizational systems in place make it easier.


When my role transitioned to a curriculum coach, organization was more important than ever.  Instead of organizing one classroom, I was organizing curriculum and systems for an entire school. 

With additional time at home due to the pandemic, I began looking for new ideas for organizing our home and setting up a home office.   I enjoy all things organizing and realized I could help other people.  An organized space makes me feel calm, saves me money in the long run because I know where everything is, and saves me time.  Having learned these skills and optimized my own life, I began helping friends and family.  

Now I'd like to help you organize your spaces! Do you live in or near the Tampa Bay area of Florida?  If so, complete the online form to get started on organizing spaces in your home.    

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Please visit our Contact page to get started on organizing your spaces.  I organize in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.