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Kids Learning Space

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The Process

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An initial phone consultation will help me to understand your needs, goals, and which space or spaces in your home need to be decluttered and organized.

An in-home consultation will be scheduled to view the space or spaces discussed during the phone consultation, take measurements, and discuss if organizing items, such as bins and other containers are needed.

Sort & Declutter

With you, we will review current items within the space.  Using the SORT method you will determine what will be saved, offloaded, relocated, or trash.


Once items are sorted and I know what is going back into the space, I will create organizational solutions.  Items will be thoughtfully placed back into the space so that everything has a home and works for you and your family.

I can purchase specific organizational items needed for each individual project or use what you already have.

I'll show you how to main your new organized space. 


Are My Services Right For You?

I organize in the Tampa Bay area, Hillsborough County, and beyond. 

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